Rugby Free Secondary School Move into state of the art new building

LT2 Team Latest News

After three and half years in temporary accommodation, Learning Today Leading Tomorrow Trust is delighted to open the doors for over 700 children and staff at the new Rugby Free Secondary School site on Anderson Avenue.

Brenda Mullen, CEO said: “The new building has been a long time coming and we are grateful to the Department for Education and building company, BAM for providing such a wonderful resource for children in Rugby.  Miss Roberts (acting headteacher) and her staff team have worked tirelessly over the half term holiday to get the school ready for the students to use today. We are particularly grateful to our parent body and older students who have had to wait patiently for the new building to be ready for a considerable length of time.”

The main quadrant in the centre of the school serves as a breakout space all students. The glass fronted rooms towards the back will serve as the sixth from centre in the years to come

Miss Roberts said: “It is an exciting day for all our students, staff and parents. We now have a superb range of state-of-the-art facilities that will ensure children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and provide staff with the resources they need to provide a world class education for all our current and future students. Importantly, as we have all our students under one roof for the first time, we are now in a position to grow together as a whole school body.”

Students undergoing an induction for the new building in the canteen

Mrs Austen (Head of Year 7) says: “We have been so excited at the prospect of moving into our new building and for this day to finally arrive seems somewhat surreal! As Head of Year 7, I am particularly looking forward to seeing all our students come together as a cohort and for us to move forward together. To do so in such a positive way with amazing new resources and a more than impressive new building, is a great opportunity for us as teachers and support staff. It enables us to further develop the progress of our students and provide them with the educational experience they deserve.”

Student, Sophie (year 10) said: “I have been waiting for this building for 3 years now. I was excited to finally move in and be able to have more space and from what I can see today, I am now confident that I will be able to thrive in the subjects that I am taking. The facilities at this new building are outstanding, for example the science labs are now really big and well organised. Also, I like that the building has separate areas for where we can study because it will enable me to get help from my peers. This new building has outstanding facilities and it was worth the wait!”

One of the new Design and Technology rooms in the new build