Bellevue Education Group
Bellevue Education Group currently operates nine preparatory schools in the independent sector. Bellevue schools come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all committed to one thing: providing a broad, and exciting education in a happy environment and doing everything possible to make sure that pupils achieve everything that they are capable of.

Place Group
Place Group is a leading school services, education advisory and project management company. It has worked with a variety of schools and academy sponsors to establish high-performing schools across all phases (4-19). By September 2013, Place will have helped over 100 schools to open including 30 free schools.

Together, these partners form Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET).

As is the case with all free schools, xxxxx School will be state-funded and run by a not-for-profit Trust.

Rutherford House School, a primary free school in Balham, London, is also operated by Bellevue Place Education Trust. The school has proved a popular choice with parents and opened with two complete Reception classes in September 2013. BPET are proposing two more schools that are planned to open in September 2014.