Governance Structure

Academy Trust

The body ultimately responsible and that has legal responsibility for the schools, is Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow (LT2). This body is the employer of all staff within the Trust and accountable to the Secretary of State through the terms of its funding agreement.

LT2 also acts as the admissions authority of all the schools.

LT2 Trust Board

The LT2 Trust Board is the decision making body of the trust and sets the vision, mission and strategic direction of the trust through:

  • The development of trust policy in accordance with statutory regulations and the Funding Agreements
  • Effective governance and leadership structures and the performance management of senior executive leaders

The board holds leadership at all levels to account for the educational performance of the schools, pupil outcomes and the performance management of all staff. They oversee the financial performance of the schools and trust in accordance with trust policy and the Academy Financial Handbook ensuring that money is well spent.

The LT2 Trust Board meets six times a year and there are two standing trust committees including Audit & Risk and Performance & Standards. These committees meet once per term or more frequently if necessary.

The LT2 Trust Board delegates the day to day operation of the trust to the CEO.

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board. The main purpose of the ARC is to:

  • Review the annual budget and recommendations from the executive team and make recommendations to the board
  • Review internal and external financial statements and reports to ensure they reflect best practice
  • Review internal and external operational reports e.g. HR, H&S, GDPR to ensure they are monitoring risks effectively and reflect best practice
  • Consider and scrutinise termly safeguarding reports from schools
  • Consider all relevant reports by the Trust Financial Officer or the external auditor
  • Review the effectiveness of the Trust’s internal control system and Value for Money framework
  • Review the Trust’s risk register and risk management systems
  • Review salary recommendations
  • Act as pay committee including reviewing headteacher recommendations and rationale for pay progression for school level staff and to consider the affordability of headteacher pay progression recommendations

The ARC is chaired by Gary Brown. The CEO, CFO, Head of HR and headteachers (when required) report directly to the committee.

The ARC operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

Performance and Standards Committee (PSC)

The Performance and Standards Committee (PSC) is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board. The main purpose of the PSC is to monitor and advise the LT2 Trust Board on the following areas by feedback report:

  • Teaching & Learning and assessment
  • Pupil outcomes, Behaviour and Attitudes​
  • Self-evaluation and improvement planning​
  • Data on attainment and achievement for all of the trust’s schools
  • Overall performance of each of the schools
  • Leadership Performance and Standards
  • School improvement work and leadership
  • Quality improvement and intervention strategies and plans
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) and inclusion
  • Partnership working
  • Admissions
  • Safeguarding arrangements
  • Community engagement
  • Local governance effectiveness

The PSC is chaired by Krissi Carter and the chairs of both the Sustainable Improvement Board and Local Governing Board sit on the committee. The headteachers report directly to this committee.

The PSC operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

Rugby Free Primary School (RFPS) Local Governing Board (LGB)
Rugby Free Primary School (RFPS) is overseen by a locally-recruited local governing board (LGB) who are be accountable to the charitable trust. The LGB supports the LT2 Trust Board’s vision of encouraging successful schools and the effective operation if it’s policies within the schools. Members of the trust and the school governors meet regularly with the Headteacher and school staff in order to monitor KPIs and to provide scrutiny, challenge and support for the school. They also act as critical friends to the school.

The LGB operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

Rugby Free Secondary School (RFSS) Sustainable Improvement Board (SIB)

The Sustainable Improvement Board (SIB) of Rugby Free Secondary School (RFSS) was appointed by the LT2 Trust Board and took effect from 1 September 2019. The SIB is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board and is chaired by a trustee. The SIB fulfils all the functions of the predecessor LGB and conducts the school in a way that ensures rapid, sustainable improvement and promotes high standards of educational achievement. The SIB’s main function is to secure a sound basis for current and future improvement in the school and the safeguarding of the children and young people attending RFSS.

The SIB operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

RFSS Parent/Carer Advisory Board (PCAB)

The Parent/Carer Advisory Board (PCAB) is a representative board established to strengthen the voice of Parents/Carers. The PCAB focuses on communication between the school and the parent/carer body and will be consulted on key areas of school operations. The PCAB’s view is represented to the Sustainable Improvement Board via the PCAB Chair and in turn to the LT2 Trust Board via the senior leaders of the school and the Chair of the SIB.

The PCAB operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.