The curriculum will be broad and balanced, providing opportunities for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds to succeed. We will have a focus on core learning and maximise use of ICT in enabling all pupils to have full access to the curriculum.

From the xxxxx Class to xxxxx, xxxxxSchool will offer a curriculum suitable for our inclusive intake that meets the needs of all pupils and leads to high standards of academic and personal achievement. This will be based on the EYFS and National Curriculum and at times entail formal teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar as part of our emphasis on literacy. It will also include the acclaimed ‘optimal instruction’ approach to teaching reading (Solity, 2009) starting with phonics. ICT provision will be innovative and support all learners. We will teach RE and PSHE, and offer an exciting enrichment programme.

Our non-teaching SENCO will ensure that requirements of the SEN Code of Practice are met and will work with teachers and the team of classroom assistants to support pupils with specific learning needs so that they can participate fully, learn and succeed, including those with English as an additional language. When they leave us at the end of Year 6, pupils will have received an excellent education preparing them for their secondary school of choice.